Lookout Boulder

Based on the artwork "Walking the Dogs" by Eve Venture ... minus the dogs. https://www.artstation.com/eventrue

During this project I focused on the entire workflow, utilizing various software to its advantage. After establishing the frame using V-Ray Camera settings, I built all the Rock Assets with box modeling in Modo to build strong wire-frame meshes. These were transferred to ZBrush for sculpting and hi-res details. UV Layouts and Disp Maps were created by bouncing back and forth between the two programs. I used standard hard-surface box modeling for the Communications Satellite. The Soldiers were modeled in Modo and tidied up in ZBrush, while the Coats were built and simulated in Marvelous Designer.

V-Ray allowed me to have simple materials and textures, but an amazing quality in the details. The final image was composited in Photoshop placing the sky and far-of mountains of the original artwork in the background.